Kinder Book of the Month – March

Our Kinder ABC Book of the Month for March is Accept and Value Each Person by Cheri J. Meiners. Accept and Value Each Person teaches children about living in a diverse world. It talks about accepting and valuing people different from oneself and one’s family.




Find a puppet or a stuff animal to explain to your child that the book we are about to read, Accept and Value Each Person, is about accepting and valuing others who are different from you. Discuss with your puppet or stuff animal how people might look different on the outside, but are similar on the inside. (We all want to be happy, respected, and loved). You and your puppet can find three ways you are different and three ways you are alike. Remind your child(ren) that you can always find at least one way you are like someone else.


Pass out two stuffed animal or action figure to your child(ren). Let them explore by looking and touching the animals. Have your child(ren) describe how their animals are similar or different from
each other.


Watch the video of the book together:

You may have to pause the video and explain these words as you hear them:

  • Acceptance—a feeling of belonging or being OK with the way you are.
  • Value—If you value something about someone, you appreciate it and think it’s important.
  • Respect—You show people respect by listening to what they say and believe that they are important.


  1. What is something about you that’s different from everyone else? (Besides physical differences, discuss distinctive attributes such as how they write, draw, their own unique skills, or their thoughts.)
  2.  How are people alike on the inside?
  3. What does it mean to forgive? (When you forgive someone, you decide not to feel hurt or bothered by what the person said or did.)


Materials: Paper coffee filters, scissors.

Explain to your child(ren) that snowflakes are always different and the variety makes every snowfall special. Have them think about their classmates and recall that they are all special and different. Talk about the different colors, sizes, shapes, ages and abilities everyone has. Create your own unique snowflake by following the directions below. If you do not have paper coffee filters at home, cut a large circle on a white piece of paper to use as an alternative.

  1. Fold. Fold a coffee filter in half and then in half again, creasing the folded edges.
  2. Cut shapes & lines. Use your scissors as you would with a regular paper snowflake and snip triangles, lines, and shapes along all of the edges of your folded coffee filter.
  3. Unfold snowflake. Carefully unfold to reveal your coffee filter snowflake design!

This month’s book focuses on respecting differences, finding similarities, being inclusive, and appreciating people for who they are. Have your child practice these ways to learn to respect and value differences among people:

  • Treat everyone kindly.
  • Find ways you’re alike.
  • Include someone who is new.
  • Learn to give and receive help.
  • Appreciate others the way they are.
  • Overlook small differences.
  • Talk and listen when differences cause a problem.
  • Try to understand how others feel.
  • Forgive when you feel hurt.
  • Value each person as part of the group.

The Bay Area is one of the most culturally diverse parts of the country! To help your child learn about other cultures, try foods or cooking a recipe from a different culture or read books about different cultural celebrations. Remember to offer positive comments when your child shows kindness and compassion to another.