Kinder Book of the Month – April

Our Kinder ABC Book of the Month for April is Be Polite and Kind by Cheri J. Meiners. This book focuses on manners such as courtesy, respect, and kindness. Be Polite and Kind
helps children learn that good manners help everyone get along and do kind acts.




Make a list of “Magic Manner Words” with your child(ren). Some of the words in your list could be:

  • Please
  • Thank you
  • You’re welcome
  • Excuse me
  • I’m sorry
  • May I
  • Hello
  • Good job

Tell your child(ren) before you start; you are going to give them a job to do. They need to use their listening ears to listen for some magic manner words in this story. Tell your child(ren) that their job is to give you a thumbs up whenever they hear a magic manner word—it can be a new one or one from the list you made together.


Watch the video of the book together:


  1.  Who do you talk with every day? What do you say?
  2. What does it mean to be polite or kind? How does it feel when someone uses polite and kind words?
  3. Why is it important to be polite and kind?
  4. When people do nice things for each other, we call them acts of kindness. What acts of kindness have you done for other people?


Grow a Kindness Garden
Material: paper, crayons
Ask the students if they can define the word kindness. If you have read Have you Filled a Bucket you can talk about being a bucket filler. Make a list of kind things you can do for each other. (Give a hug, smile, take out the trash, set the table, be an UP-stander when
someone was teased, share your cookie).
Decide on some action ideas that your child(ren) can do that week as an act of kindness. Have them draw a picture that illustrates what they are going to do and sign their name.

Courtesy Role-Plays
Have your child(ren) role-play the following scenarios with you:

  • Mealtime—Role-play serving and passing food. Focus on “please” and “thank you”, on chewing with lips closed, and on waiting to speak until all food is swallowed.
  • Telephone—Use play phones to role-play calling someone and answering the phone.
  • Friends at the door—Role-play greetings and saying goodbye.
  • A party—Practice welcoming guests, thanking them for sharing toys, gifts and using good manners.
  • Bus or car pool—Role-play greeting the driver, using seatbelts, sitting and talking quietly, and thanking the driver for a ride.
  • Play or sports—Role-play including  all who want to play, taking turns, and giving encouragement to other players.

This book reminds us of the importance of being kind and treating one another with respect. You can encourage your child to be kind and polite by giving your child positive reinforcement if you “catch” your child using “Magic Manner Words” at home.

Read When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking and remember that you are your child(ren)’s first teacher and role model. Children learn kindness and respect for others more easily when they are a part of daily life.