Book of the Month – March

Our ABC Book of the Month  for March is Enemy Pie by Derek Munson. Enemy Pie emphasizes the importance of taking time to learn about people before passing judgment and focuses on building interpersonal relationships. It also shows how caring adults can help create opportunities for friendships to bloom, even when misconceptions, prejudice, and fear are obstacles.



Ask your child(ren):

  • What the word enemy means to them. (Someone who doesn’t like you or you don’t like.)
  • What they think the title of the book means?


Watch the video of the book together:


  1. Why was Jeremy Ross on the narrator’s enemy list?
  2. What strategy did the narrator’s dad use?
  3. What did the narrator discover about Jeremy Ross after spending the day with him?
  4. At the end of the book—what did the narrator discover about his perceptions about Jeremy?
  5. What friendship builders can you use to build friendships?(10WaysToBuildRelationships)
  6. What can happen when you give a person a chance or the benefit of the doubt?
    • You can avoid making a real enemy.
    • You don’t waste your energy on a problem that’s not real.
    • You avoid unnecessary conflict.
    • You use your energy in a positive manner.
    • You get along better with more people.
    • You can make a new friend.
  7. How can you remember to get to know others for who they really are?
    • Stop and think and make a good choice.
    • Decide to be a bucket filler.
    • Try to get to know someone before making a judgment.
    •  Spend time talking and doing things with them.
    • Look for common interests that you share.
    • Ask for advice from a caring adult.


  1. Talk about what is the secret ingredient to a friendship pie i.e. friendship boosters. Draw your own friendship pie or use the template below and fill it with friendship pie secret ingredients. Friendship Pie Template
  2. Make a Friendship Blooming Flower. Students can draw or print and cut the flower and fill out as instructed in the worksheet. Students are familiar with friendship boosters and busters from prior lessons. Friendship Blooming Flower Template


This book reminds us that caring adults can create opportunities for friendships to bloom, even when misconceptions, prejudice and fear are obstacles. Here are ways to create these opportunities:

  • Start a conversation to find out what is happening.
  • Do an activity together and talk about the situation.
  • Role-play how to start a conversation with someone new.
  • Create your own secret ingredient by finding ways for classmates to spend time with each other.

As the most influential and caring adult in your own child’s life, look for opportunities to help guide and promote behaviors promoting acceptance, inclusion, and forgiveness. Your actions will help your child learn to use friendship boosters as secret ingredients to form and maintain friendships. These secret ingredients are the friendship boosters that will help your child connect with others, find common ground, and build assets!