Current Asset Year Curriculum

The ABC curriculum gets repeated every 3 years – the first year is the Asset year, the second year is the Building year and the third is the Champion year. We are reading the Asset year books for the 2021-2022 school year. The Asset year student tool kit below provides a brief summary of the key messages for each book. The theme for the 2021-2022 year is Growing UPstanders.

Book 1 (Sept) – Have You Filled a Bucket Today

  • Be a bucket filler. Fill buckets by doing kind actions and deeds for yourself and others.
  • Don’t dip into other buckets. Bucket dipping happens when your bucket is low.
  • Use your lid to protect and guard the good thoughts and feelings inside your bucket.

Book 2 (Oct) – Simon’s Hook

  • Learn the 5 ways to avoid taking the bait and reacting to teasing.
  • Be in control of your reactions to things that happen to you.
  • Use your lid to stop, think and visualize what is happening.

Book 3 (Nov) – Say Something

  • Move from being a bystander to becoming and UPstander!
  • Use positive peer influence to help friends do the right thing face-to-face and in the digital world.
  • Say or do something when someone needs help. Your silence is your agreement.
  • Speak your voice.

Book 4 (Jan) – Recess Queen

  • Be empowered to use your skills as an UPstander to improve your community.
  • Help to create a safe and caring school playground.
  • Reinforce friendship skills.
  • Remember to not take the bait.
  • Learn and use peaceful conflict resolution skills.

Book 5 (Feb) – Trouble Talk

  • Develop and maintain friendships with health talk.
  • Be a friendship role model.
  • Make a real apology.
  • Stop and think to avoid trouble talk. Before you speak, ask:
    • Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is is Kind? (THINK)
  • Rumors stop with me! Refuse to hear when friends are gossiping. Do not repeat the rumor or gossip to others.

Book 6 (Mar) – One

  • It just takes ONE to make a difference!
  • Everyone counts!
  • Be a forgiving person and give a person a second chance.
  • Offer opportunities to belong and be included.

Book 7 (Apr) – Empty Pot

  • Act with positive values of CHIRP: courage, honesty, responsibility, integrity, and perseverance.
  • Stand by your beliefs with others.
  • Stand up for your beliefs with courage and determination.
  • Being honest means telling the truth, even when it’s not easy.