Welcome Message

Our PTA team looks forward to working with you! Join the PTA at meetings, programs and events! 

What does the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) do?

The Hoover PTA is an engaged group of parent volunteers, teachers, and administrators that collaborate together to provide a supportive community. We plan and organize programs and events that strengthen our school, plus have a lot of fun too!


  • Be part of the PTA. 
    • Join the PTA via the One Check Form! Your $10 membership gives you a voice and vote in how we spend your money. Votes are made at General Association Meetings. 
    • You can join as a member on the One Check Form by check or online through Konstella>More Tab>Sales>Membership
  • Volunteer. Check Konstella for volunteer opportunities.
  • Donate via the One Check Form.
  • Ask for employer donation matching. For Treasury related and employer matching questions, contact ptatreasuryhoover@gmail.com


All donations are 100% optional and tax-deductible.